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Sign up below to receive our Newsletter.  Even if you've already signed up for our FREE Email service, please sign up below to receive our Newsletter through ListBot using your FREE Email address (yourname@ringette.org).

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Each Newsletter will have a contest where lucky readers can win a $10 Gift Certificate to a MAJOR retailer!

Congratulations to Jan from Regina, SK, our first winner in our Newsletter Contest.

We will have a contest in each of our Newsletters.  Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter.  Our subscribers are always the first people to receive our Newsletters.  This gives our subscribers the FIRST CHANCE to enter our Newsletter contest.

Past Newsletters will also be archived on this page.  Simply click here to go directly to the archive section of this page!


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Newsletter Archive

December 2000 Newsletter (December 04, 2000)
December 2000/Holiday Newsletter (December 18, 2000)
February 2001 Newsletter (February 09, 2001)
March 2001 Newsletter (March 12, 2001)
December 2001 Newsletter (December 03, 2001)
March/April 2003 Newsletter (March 29, 2003)




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